About us

About NeoPay

NeoPay joint stock company operates mainly on mobile payment and under NeoX brand. The company owns license granted by the State Bank of Vietnam to provide e-wallet services and payment intermediaries.

Unlock the power of digital payments

NeoPay is an innovative fintech company that focuses on payment and embedded finance solutions. With a customer-focused approach, NeoPay provides optimal technology solutions for all the payment needs of corporate businesses and end customers.


NeoPay offers a one-stop payment platform for all types of businesses.
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Fast, secure & reliable

NeoPay empowers merchants and customers to enjoy fast, secure and reliable payments.

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Superior service

NeoPay’s customer-focused approach allows you to provide superior service and grow faster, through our innovative payment solutions and extensive partnerships with financial institutions and large corporations.

Management team

Mr. Tony Trương

Co – Founder

Ms. Linh Nguyen

Co – Founder, CEO

Mr. Vuong Nguyen

VP of Engineering

Ms. Thanh Nguyen

Operations Manager